This is how our ambassadors experience Eli

"Also very handy when it rains haha"

Hi! My name is Nochtli and I have been living in Amsterdam for several years now with great pleasure. As an entrepreneur and social media creator, I’m often on the move around the city and if you live in Amsterdam you never really escape the fact that the city can be very hectic and there are more and more changes taking place that make a car not at all convenient.

For example, the high cost of parking, the limited parking space, the new 30km/h rule and much more. This is why I find the Eli so useful. I often go for a quick errand, to the gym or to visit a friend.

The Eli is fully electric and I enjoy all the benefits that a car can offer me, but without any of the drawbacks downtown. Truly a solution that will make travel so much easier for many people in the future.

"Took a test drive today in the revolutionary ELI"

Finding a parking spot in the busy city and also criss-crossing the urban jungle is now a piece of cake for me!

Compact, maneuverable and super nice looking too!

The development of this mode of transportation has my heartfelt appreciation, as I have a son who is wheelchair-bound. Because he is almost 14 and growing so fast, he is getting a new, bigger wheelchair.

And unfortunately it no longer fits in the passenger car, which really presented me with a challenge. Previously driving around in an adapted wheelchair accessible vehicle for even the short, city distances, which I drove without him, felt impractical and far from ideal. This is where Eli offers a brilliant solution. I greatly appreciate the freedom and flexibility it provides us, allowing us to enjoy the little moments that make life so precious.

Eli ambassadeur in Amsterdam

The perfect mode of transportation for the city

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