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The next step in passenger transportation

Nowadays we drive around in much larger and more environmentally unfriendly cars than necessary. At Eli, we believe that passenger transportation can and should be much more attractive and friendly. A car should adapt to its environment and not the other way around.

The Eli Zero’s design prioritized convenience and maneuverability. Furthermore, the Eli Zero is zero-emission and its energy consumption is more than 93% lower than conventional cars. Not only does that get you lower costs, but also less impact on the environment and air quality.

Meet the team!

Frank Vermin eigenaar Eli
Frank Vermin
Kevin Simons
Kevin Simons
Sales & Marketing
Ferry Gerritsen - Parts - PF
Ron Sterkenburg
Service / Technical support
Ron Sterkenburg - Service
Ferry Gerritsen
Parts department
Gerda Methorst
Gerda Methorst


A focus on electric and hybrid vehicles.


Advanced technology features.

Design and style

Vehicles with a modern and elegant design.


A pleasant interior with attention to ergonomics and comfort features.


A focus on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Parking convenience

Never again doubt whether the parking meter is turned on.

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